To educate the public on the plight of carriage horses in Charleston in an effort to foster more humane treatment of the animals, and to do all things necessary or convenient, and not inconsistent with the law, to further these goals.

A horse lays in the road exhausted by heat while it is strapped to a carriage full of people

About Us

Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates is a 501(c)3 all-volunteer nonprofit. We have no employees. In 2000 we began our work to urge the City of Charleston to improve working and living conditions for horses and mules that pull the heaviest loads and in the most extreme temperatures in the U.S. We formed the Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates (CCHA) in 2017. We have a robust social media presence and send a newsletter monthly to advocates. Residents hang banners at their homes, proclaiming their support for carriage animals and their concerns about inhumane living and working conditions for these voiceless animals. We organize peaceful walks, contacts with elected officials, leaflet distributions in the Market area of Charleston and participate in festivals with a booth to educate the public on behalf of the horses and mules that toil on Charleston streets.