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2021 turned out to be a busy year for Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates. While the pandemic raged, tourism continued to line the pockets of the carriage wagon industry. A carriage horse died as a result of his half-hitched wagon striking his leg causing a fatal injury and multiple incidents involving carriage horses, mules and unsuspecting tourists continued.

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New Call to Action to the Charleston Community


We want to know what skills you possess that can help bring an end to inhumane carriage horse conditions… hauling 17 adults on steamy asphalt every day in heat that can get to 95 blistering degrees (and measured FOUR times above a hotel before they are allowed to have a break). Passengers and pedestrians need to know the streets are safe (over 110 carriage-related incidents since 2016).

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“I Gave It My All” – A Poem By Advocate Zoe Snyder

The sun rises up over the harbor, The shavings glistening in my stall. I’m ready to start my day, And give my owner my all. A quick bucket of oats and a brush of my hair, It’s gonna be hot today, Does anyone care?

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