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NYC carriage horse breaks free, runs into 4 parked cars after becoming ‘agitated’

A carriage horse became “agitated” and got loose in Manhattan on Sunday afternoon — darting toward the West Side Highway and dragging its operator behind, police said. The 15-year-old runaway horse named Gunner collided with four parked cars before it slipped and fell during its mad dash through Hell’s Kitchen around 3 p.m., authorities and animal advocates said. The [...]

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Look, we know you are overloaded with information. But the carriage horses crying out for help need you to read this and then to ACT.   From a Passenger on a Carriage Wagon tour June 16, 2023 “I was on a tour that took place on 6/16/23 approx 830pm with the Old South Carriage Company. Before we even left our [...]


On January 6, 2023, the driver of a car with a loudspeaker spooked a horse pulling a carriage wagon on tour that was stopped at King and Broad. This was observed by a CEO. The driver of the car has also driven around the market area where the decoy horses are and where the carriage wagons start their tours with loudspeaker at high volume. There have been multiple incidents and the car driver has yelled at the wagon drivers and the horses. It is illegal to tease or molest animals in Charleston and the Tourism Director issued a citation to the driver of the car.

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While on tour, one horse of a pair pulling a carriage wagon put his head down and got his halter or halter ring stuck on the bolt of of the carriage yoke. When he tried to free his head, both horses began to back up, which caused the carriage to jackknife. The called the barn for help. The passengers were removed from the wagon. As the staff was trying to move the horse’s head downward to release the halter from the yoke bolt, the horse laid down in the street. The halter was released from the yoke bolt and the carriage was moved away. The horse was able to get up and both horses were hitched to an empty wagon and walked back to the barn. A vet was called to check both horses. There were no injuries and both horses returned to work the next day.

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While on tour on Hassell Street, a horse named Abe slipped and fell. The vet examined Abe and found 2 superficial abrasions on both hockss. The vet recommended cold hosing and giving 2 grams of Bute. Unless there was swelling, Abe could go back to work the next day.


Date of Incident: April 23, 2022 Name of Company: Old South Code: Horse/Mule Related A carriage wagon was heading south on State Street and a large truck made Garth (the horse) nervous to pass in close proximity. They decided to U-turn and re-route and when the turn was made, Garth slipped and fell. He tried getting up twice but the tack and shafts [...]


Date of Incident: April 19, 2022 Name of Company: Palmetto Code: Horse/Mule Related A carriage wagon pulled by 2 horses was on tour traveling north on Meeting Street. At Chalmers Street, Misty (one of the horses) started backing up and jackknifing the carriage wagon uncontrollably for no apparent reason. No other details are given for this incident.


Date of Incident: October 17, 2021 Name of Company: Palmetto Carriage Works Code: Horse/Mule Related While on tour, one of two horses pulling a carriage wagon stumbled and fell to the pavement. Company personnel came and unhitched the horses and walked them back to the barn. The passengers got on another carriage wagon to continue the tour. A vet checked the horse that [...]

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Date of Incident: September 5, 2021 Name of Company: Palmetto Carriage Works Code: Horse/Mule Related & Property Damage While on tour, a horse named Gandolf stepped on yard trash in the street and was startled, causing the carriage to jackknife. The horse fell to the left and the carriage shaft touched a house at 84 Tradd Street. The horse got back up and [...]

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