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As a carriage wagon carrying 10 passengers was leaving the barn and heading south on Anson Street, a bolt fell from the D-Ring shackle bolt on the left side trace chain, causing the leather trace to swing freely. The trace connects the harness to the carriage wagon. The free left trace caused the singletree to swing freely, making contact with the horse’s leg. The horse spooked and bolted down Anson Street to North Market with the carriage in tow. As the horse turned to the right on North Market, the carriage wagon ran into a stationary red Nissan car. Then the left shaft broke and the carriage wagon hit a bollard in front of Market Building B causing the carriage wagon to stop. The horse fell to his hocks causing abrasions on the right and left legs. The police and emergency service came to the scene. Three passengers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The horse was examined by the equine manager and then taken to the Old South farm and a vet was called to check the horse. The horse sustained superficial scrapes to his lower legs and was to rest at the farm.


While pulling a carriage wagon on an evening tour, the horse On report tripped and fell down. The driver reported that the uneven ground was the reason the horse tripped and fell. The horse stood up immediately. Shortly after that as the tour continued, the horse spooked briefly so the driver ended the tour and brought the horse back to the barn for the night. (There is no mention of anyone checking the horse)


A carriage wagon with 11 passengers and driven by a driver in training (with a regular driver) was stopped at the “gate” waiting to a medallion. The horse became spooked by a trash truck and began turning right into the sidewalk. The equine manager grabbed the halter to keep the horse off the sidewalk. The horse then took a step backwards and the right front step of wagon hit the trash truck as it was passing. The driver got off to check the horse who was OK but the hames had popped off the collar and it was put back in place.

NYC carriage horse breaks free, runs into 4 parked cars after becoming ‘agitated’

A carriage horse became “agitated” and got loose in Manhattan on Sunday afternoon — darting toward the West Side Highway and dragging its operator behind, police said. The 15-year-old runaway horse named Gunner collided with four parked cars before it slipped and fell during its mad dash through Hell’s Kitchen around 3 p.m., authorities and animal advocates said. The [...]

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Look, we know you are overloaded with information. But the carriage horses crying out for help need you to read this and then to ACT.   From a Passenger on a Carriage Wagon tour June 16, 2023 “I was on a tour that took place on 6/16/23 approx 830pm with the Old South Carriage Company. Before we even left our [...]


On January 6, 2023, the driver of a car with a loudspeaker spooked a horse pulling a carriage wagon on tour that was stopped at King and Broad. This was observed by a CEO. The driver of the car has also driven around the market area where the decoy horses are and where the carriage wagons start their tours with loudspeaker at high volume. There have been multiple incidents and the car driver has yelled at the wagon drivers and the horses. It is illegal to tease or molest animals in Charleston and the Tourism Director issued a citation to the driver of the car.

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