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Look, we know you are overloaded with information. But the carriage horses crying out for help need you to read this and then to ACT.   From a Passenger on a Carriage Wagon tour June 16, 2023 “I was on a tour that took place on 6/16/23 approx 830pm with the Old South Carriage Company. Before we even left our [...]

Quick! Give them a VOICE through your VOTE!

Give the gift of voice! QUICK! Before Santa comes rattling down that chimney! Please give voice to Charleston Carriage Horses. VOTE for Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates as the “Best Local Cause” and “Best Social Media”. Carriage Horses are facing excruciatingly long, hard days of pulling about 2 ½ TONS PER HOUR TOUR/8 hours/day for weeks during the upcoming holidays. Merrymaking by [...]

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Latest Update

THE WEATHER IS COOLER. MOST FOLKS THINK CARRIAGE ANIMALS ARE OKAY. THINK AGAIN.Consider: Pulling the heaviest loads in the U.S. Charleston is swamped with tourists who believe(wrongly) that this charming antebellum City would never allow animals to be abused for thesake of tourism (wrong). Long hours and heavy loads will be carriage horses’ life for the holidayseason in a City [...]

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Editorial: Charleston is No. 1 to visit, but what about to live in?

The first year, we were flattered. The second, we were stunned. The third, we blushed. The fourth, we raised an eyebrow. The fifth, we were kind of embarrassed. The sixth, we double-checked the votes. The seventh, we just sighed and rolled our eyes. And now, having just been named the top tourist destination in the United States by Condé [...]

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Charleston Carriage Co. files lawsuit against Charleston Animal Society, horse advocates

The ongoing battle between those who speak out for animal rights and the Charleston carriage horse companies has taken another step in the form of a lawsuit. Charleston Carriage Horse Company (Charleston Carriage Works) has sued the Charleston Animal Society and horse advocates. The company claims the animal society and advocates spread false information on social media saying the carriage [...]

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Charleston carriage company drops lawsuit against animal advocates

A Charleston carriage company is dropping its defamation lawsuit against animal-rights groups who claimed the horses were being mistreated. An attorney for Charleston Carriage Works filed the notice of dismissal Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Charleston. The carriage company in May filed a complaint in Charleston County against the Charleston Animal Society, Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates and founder Ellen Harley. [...]

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Feud over Charleston carriage horse tours continues with another defamation lawsuit

An ongoing feud between a Charleston carriage horse company and animal-rights groups continued Tuesday as the advocates being sued again for defamation called the latest litigation “a sham.”Joe Elmore, CEO of the Charleston Animal Society, and Ellen Harley, founder of Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates, held a news conference characterizing the lawsuit filed against them by Charleston Carriage Works as vague [...]

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Chicago horse carriage vendors: Animal welfare activists conspired to defame, harm business

View Original Article Here The owners of Chicago’s three licensed horse-drawn carriage companies have rolled out a lawsuit against a group of animal welfare activists, who the vendors accuse of conspiring to disrupt their businesses and smear their reputations. On Sept. 11, the owners of the Chicago-based companies Antique Coach & Carriage, Great Lakes Horse & Carriage and [...]

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Ellen Harley: Raising Awareness for Charleston’s Carriage Horses

Horses are a passion for Charleston, SC resident Ellen Harley. And for twenty years, she and others who care about horses have tried improve the animal welfare and public safety regulations in place for the operation of horse-drawn carriage tours in the tourist-filled city of Charleston.

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Right to Assemble / Right to Petition

The right to assemble allows people to gather for peaceful and lawful purposes. Implicit within this right is the right to association and belief. The Supreme Court has expressly recognized that a right to freedom of association and belief is implicit in the First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments. This implicit right is limited to the right to associate for [...]

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