Property Damage


Date of Incident: April 11, 2022 Name of Company: Carolina Polo Code: Equipment Failure Carolina Polo carriage wagon #104 was on tour when the right wheel of the carriage wagon collapsed. The horse was released from the tack and pulled to the side on Boyce’s Wharf. The passengers debarked the carriage wagon without incident or injury. Neither the horse nor the driver was [...]

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Date of Incident: September 4, 2021 Name of Company: Old South Carriage Company Code: Equipment Related While Emily was driving a carriage wagon pulled by a horse named Bill, the carriage shaft broke while the wagon was in front of the “city gate” where wagons start the tour

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Date of Incident: February 28, 2020 Name of Company: Palmetto Carriage Works Code: Bodily Injury A carriage wagon driver fell off of his wagon, while conducting a tour. A passenger grabbed the reins. It was reported that the wagon driver suffered a seizure, which caused him to fall. EMS came and transported him to the hospital for injuries related to the seizure.


Date of Incident: January 9, 2020 Name of Company: Old South Carriage Company Code: Equipment Related Bob was leaving the water bucket to go back to Anson Street. The back wheel of the carriage clipped the carriage hitch on the back of the golf cart. The golf cart was partially dragged onto the street. No injuries to horses or persons.

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Date of Incident: January 1, 2020 Name of Company: Old South Carriage Company Code: Horse/Mule Related & Property Damage As driver turned to talk to passengers, the horse shifted to the right and the carriage wagon hit 2 cars. No one saw anything unusual that might have caused horse to move to the right. There were no injuries


Date of Incident: December 27, 2019 Name of Company: Palmetto Carriage Works Code: Horse/Mule Related & Property Damage & Horses/Mules Not Under Control & Possible Bodily Injury While pulling a full carriage wagon and near the end of a tour, the driver started having trouble keeping the horses at a walk and he contacted barn staff. At Market and Meeting Streets, the horses [...]

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