Date of Incident: June 19, 2021 Name of Company: Old South Carriage Company Code: Horse/Mule Related & Runaway & Bodily Injury & Equipment Damage As a carriage wagon on Meeting Street heading north crossed Broad Street, the horse became agitated and started backing up. The wagon driver was thrown off and the horse bolted. The video shows passengers jumping off as someone on [...]


Date of Incident: April 4, 2021 Name of Company: Palmetto Carriage Works Code: Horse/Mule Related & Tack Related & Vehicle/Carriage Wagon & Property Damage & Runaway While on tour near Broad and New Streets, the bridle on the horse slipped and the horse ran and got to Market before it stopped behind another carriage. At one point, the carriage wagon clipped a car.


Date of Incident: July 17, 2016 Name of Company: Palmetto Carriage Works Code: Bodily Injury & Property Damage & Runaway & Equipment Related Two mules pulling a carriage wagon were spooked and ran when the rubber of the left front wheel came off. The wagon driver regained control and stopped the wagon. Then the mules backed up, jackknifed the wagon and the side [...]

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