Tack Related


Date of Incident: April 4, 2021 Name of Company: Palmetto Carriage Works Code: Horse/Mule Related & Tack Related & Vehicle/Carriage Wagon & Property Damage & Runaway While on tour near Broad and New Streets, the bridle on the horse slipped and the horse ran and got to Market before it stopped behind another carriage. At one point, the carriage wagon clipped a car.


Date of Incident: March 29, 2019 Name of Company: Palmetto Carriage Works Code: Equipment/Tack Related While a carriage wagon was on tour, the driver noticed that the harness and tack became loose. On examining it, the driver determined that the top of the hames had broken. The driver contacted the barn. The passengers were taken off the wagon. The driver waited for someone [...]


Date of Incident: December 21, 2016 Name of Company: Old South Carriage Company Code: Horse/Mule Related & Tack Related A text was sent to Tourism about a horse that had been working without one blinder attached to his bridle. The equine manager checked and found the bridle where the left blinder was clearly missing. The barn manager had allowed the horse to [...]

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