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Cities with Horse Drawn Carriage Bans:

Cities with Horse Drawn Carriages:

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Heat and Horses:

Heat Index Chart for Horses

Heat Stress in Horses

Heat Measurement Instruments

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Anhidrosis (Anhydrosis) in Horses

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Internal Body Temperature and Vital Signs for Horses

Sleep Deprivation in Horses

Veterinary Care of Carriage Horses and Horse Health Issues

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2018 – Here’s what happened during the Broad Street carriage crash

Horses Pulled for Sixth Time This Year

The heat and the horses: The time for humane treatment is long overdue

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Travel Companies/Sites with Stated Corporate Position on Animal Welfare

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2017 Charleston Carriage Consultation Report & Study Recommendations

  • In July 2017,  Jennie L. Ivey, PhD, PAS (University of Tennessee, Assistant Professor; Extension Equine Specialist) conducted a consultation visit with members of the Charleston Animal Society, Charleston Tourism Commission, and Charleston Carriage Operators. The purpose of the visit was to create a face-to-face relationship with the aforementioned parties, along with planning and variable parameter consideration for research study planning.


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