Date of Incident: March 15, 2016

Name of Company: Palmetto Carriage Works

Code: Horse/Mule Related & Vehicle/Carriage Wagon Related & Property Damage & Horses/Mules Not Under Control

As a carriage wagon was heading north on Meeting Street and just past Ropemaker’s Lane, the driver navigated around a hydraulic lift machine and then one horse used his head to nudge the other horse. The nudge moved the other horse’s bridle and blinders askew. Both horses took off at a full gallop, running approximately 50 yards (per the wagon driver). The gallop continued until directly in front of St. Michael’s Church at the intersection of Broad Street. The wagon driver aimed the team into the back of a pickup truck to stop them. There was significant damage to the pickup truck. No injuries were sustained by the wagon driver or passengers. The horses had minor abrasions and a veterinarian to examine them.