Date of Incident: August 4, 2016

Name of Company: Charleston Carriage Works

Code: Vehicle/Carriage Wagon & Horse/Mule Related & Property Damage

As a carriage wagon heading north on Meeting Street approached the Circular Church, the horse became spooked by a group of children playing instruments outside on the church grounds. As the wagon driver attempted to control the horse, a woman in an SUV pulled up behind the wagon. The horse started backing and the woman honked her car horn to warn the wagon driver. The honking spooked the horse more. Then a small tour van pulled up to the left of the wagon in northbound lane and stopped. This boxed the wagon in and agitated the horse more. At some point the wagon backed into the front of the car behind it. While the wagon driver was still trying to control the horse, all of the passengers began to panic and jumped off the wagon. Several children in the back row jumped onto the hood of the car behind the wagon. The wagon driver had called the barn and staff arrived to help get the horse and wagon into a parking lot next door. Two Tourism Enforcement Officers responded and called the police. There were no injuries to the passengers. The horse sustained 3 small lacerations on 2 of his legs. There was damage to the front of the car.