Date of Incident: October 29, 2016

Name of Company: Palmetto Carriage Works

Code: Horse/Mule Related & Bicycle/Carriage Wagon & Horses/Mules Not Under Control & Property Damage

A carriage wagon was stopped in the right lane at the light at Meeting and Queen Streets. The wagon driver was facing the passengers and saw a young woman on a bicycle trying to ride up between the wagon and a car in the left lane. The bicyclist lost control, and her bicycle was weaving and hit one of the mules pulling the wagon. The mule began kicking and the mule team ran. The wagon driver got them stopped and then they took off again. They slowed down but as they turned onto Cumberland Street, the mules took off again. The driver got them back to a trot and turned onto Church Street. The driver got them to a complete stop by Tommy Condon’s and called the barn. Barn staff came and slowly walked the carriage back to the barn. The bicyclist had a few small scrapes and the bicycle had considerable damage. One mule had bitten its tongue and a vet was called to check both mules.