Date of Incident: April 19, 2017

Name of Company: Charleston Carriage Works

Code: Horse/Mule Related

A horse stumbled and fell to the pavement while pulling a carriage wagon full of school children. The horse was on its right side. The driver called the barn and the passengers got off the wagon. Firefighters joined the barn staff, who came to help, to lift and to release the horse from the harness and tack. Once freed, the horse sat up on its rump but did not stand up. A large strap from the harness was used to lift the horse so it could get its rear legs under its body and stand up. Once the horse got up, it was walked back to the barn. The equine manager noted that there was an abrasion on the right distal elbow and a smaller abrasion on left hind hock. A trot test showed no lameness. A vet was immediately summoned.