Date of Incident: December 27, 2019

Name of Company: Palmetto Carriage Works

Code: Horse/Mule Related & Property Damage & Horses/Mules Not Under Control & Possible Bodily Injury

While pulling a full carriage wagon and near the end of a tour, the driver started having trouble keeping the horses at a walk and he contacted barn staff. At Market and Meeting Streets, the horses broke into a gallop crossing Meeting Street and continuing on South Market. Cars pulled out of the way. The wagon driver tried to pull behind a vehicle in an effort to stop the horses. The driver’s first two attempts to pull behind cars caused a metal piece of the wagon to make contact with the vehicles, but it wasn’t sufficient to stop or slow down the horses. At Church Street the wagon collided with a vehicle and while it wasn’t sufficient to stop the wagon, it did slow it down enough to bring the wagon to a halt. Barn staff came to help and walked the wagon back to the barn, where passengers were unloaded. All passengers and both horses were evaluated for injuries and everyone was unscathed. A vet came to check the horses. One horse had some minor muscle swelling and was not to go back to work until January 1, 2020. There were 2 adults and 1 young child and a baby in one car that was hit by the wagon and 2 adults and a female teenager in the truck that was hit. EMS did check those passengers and no one was taken for medical treatment. Police listed damage to the vehicles as minor to moderate.