Date of Incident: August 11, 2022

Name of Company: Palmetto

Code: Horse/Mule Related

While on tour, one horse of a pair pulling a carriage wagon put his head down and got his halter or halter ring stuck on the bolt of of the carriage yoke. When he tried to free his head, both horses began to back up, which caused the carriage to jackknife. The called the barn for help. The passengers were removed from the wagon. As the staff was trying to move the horse’s head downward to release the halter from the yoke bolt, the horse laid down in the street. The halter was released from the yoke bolt and the carriage was moved away. The horse was able to get up and both horses were hitched to an empty wagon and walked back to the barn. A vet was called to check both horses. There were no injuries and both horses returned to work the next day.