Horse looking through stall bars

Stall size based on practices from the 1800s


**City of Charleston Ordinance**

  • “Stalls sizes shall be no less than five (5) feet nine (9) inches × eleven (11) feet unless a carriage company undertakes any remodeling or refurbishing of any sorts to their stable that equals fifty (50) percent of the market value of the stable or moves their stable. In the event a carriage company does remodel or refurbish their stable as stated in the previous sentence then they must implement a minimum stall size of twelve (12) feet × twelve (12) feet for every stall” Chap 29. Article V. Div 1. § 29-212 (i)(1)(f)
  • “The practice of tethering the animal in a stall is permitted so long as the animal can lie down without the risk of entanglement or injury” Chap 29. Article V. Div 1. § 29-212 (i)(1)(g)


  • “Very busy, loud barns, or an area that is too small for the horse to feel comfortable lying down are some common problems for the modern horse. The result is that horses go without REM sleep over the course of weeks which has a negative effect on physical performance, and may even factor into irritability or behavioral problems.” Pet MD 11/11/2014