Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates (CCHA) became a non-profit in 2018 after a series of carriage incidents that highlighted the strong need for animal advocacy in the Charleston area. 

Since their foundation, CCHA has been actively involved in the Charleston community. From helping educate residents and tourists on the inhumane treatment of the carriage animals to attending chili cook offs, it is their mission to make Charleston a safer and humane city. 

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Charleston Animal Society Chili Cook-Off:

CCHA has been involved with the last three years of Chili Cook Offs that were hosted by the Charleston Animal Society. Each year, the advocates have a booth set up where visitors can walk up and learn more about the inhumane treatment of the carriage animals, and how they can use their voice to make a difference. Banners surrounding carriage wagon issues were displayed, educational flyers were handed out, and hats and t-shirts were given out for donations.

Advocacy Rallies:

Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates has also held two advocacy rallies, one in 2017 and one in 2019. The purpose of these peaceful rallies is to join the Charleston community together to help educate residents and tourists about the inhumane treatment of the carriage animals. A minister was present to pray over the animals, and signs with peaceful verbiage, costumes, and banners were used in each of these rallies to help bring awareness. 

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Yoga Event:

Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates was also present at a Yoga event in downtown Charleston in 2018. The event was community wide with several hundred participants. The purpose of the event was to get the community active and engaged. CCHA was invited to have a booth at the event, where they were able to pass out flyers and bumper stickers to help raise awareness around the treatment of the carriage animals. 

Social Media Involvement:

CCHA is also active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help spread awareness of the six main issues surrounding the treatment and working conditions of the carriage animals in downtown Charleston. Through their efforts, the Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates are a key part of the community and encourage positive change. 

Are you ready to join CCHA in raising awareness around what we believe to be inhumane living and working conditions of carriage animals? Contact us or donate today!