Did you know? “As a result of orders from the top judge in South Carolina, defendants who hire some lawmakers to serve as their defense attorneys could have their trials delayed indefinitely” Live 5 News

Almost 3 years ago, a carriage driver in Charleston allegedly assaulted a carriage horse advocate. The carriage horse advocate pressed charges. The carriage driver hired a SC state legislator as his attorney. Apparently hiring legislators is a common strategy, as the Live5 News reports (see link below). These trials can drag on for years, as has this trial, as South Carolina state legislators are permitted an exemption from showing up at a trial if they have legislative duties.

“For crime victims, those days in court tend to get pushed very far out when a lawyer-legislator is representing a defendant,” South Carolina Victim Assistance Network Legal Director Sarah Ford said, “Certainly lawyer-legislators have a right to make a living, but at the expense of grinding the wheels of justice to a halt, I don’t know that that’s fair for crime victims.”


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