Date of Incident: July 17, 2016

Name of Company: Palmetto Carriage Works

Code: Bodily Injury & Property Damage & Runaway & Equipment Related

Two mules pulling a carriage wagon were spooked and ran when the rubber of the left front wheel came off. The wagon driver regained control and stopped the wagon. Then the mules backed up, jackknifed the wagon and the side of the wagon hit a hit brick column at 138 Tradd and the rear of wagon made contact with a fire hydrant. A frightened woman jumped out and injured her ankle. Other passengers got off. EMS came and took the injured woman to the hospital. One mule had a laceration to its tongue and was pulled from tours for 2 days. The other mule had had minor scratches to its leg. Both animals taken to farm to rest. The company admitted that driver error played a part in the results of the accident. The inexperience of the driver is why it was recommended that the driver not be permitted to perform more tours without further training.