Date of Incident: June 19, 2021

Name of Company: Old South Carriage Company

Code: Horse/Mule Related & Runaway & Bodily Injury & Equipment Damage

As a carriage wagon on Meeting Street heading north crossed Broad Street, the horse became agitated and started backing up. The wagon driver was thrown off and the horse bolted. The video shows passengers jumping off as someone on the sidewalk tried to grab the reins and stop the horse. The horse was stopped and the rest of the passengers jumped off as the horse backed up and the wagon jackknifed. The driver ran over and tried to control the horse. At the same time the horse became agitated, a large 18 wheel truck was turning onto Meeting Street. The wagon driver initially said the side cameras showed the truck did not hit the wagon. The truck also had cameras which showed there had been no contact with the wagon. EMS was called and the wagon driver and a passenger were taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries. A vet checked the horse and there were no visible injuries but the vet said there might be stiffness in a day or two. The horse was sent to the farm to rest.