Look, we know you are overloaded with information. But the carriage horses crying out for help need you to read this and then to ACT.


From a Passenger on a Carriage Wagon tour June 16, 2023

“I was on a tour that took place on 6/16/23 approx 830pm with the Old South Carriage Company. Before we even left our guide advised us that our horse Cash was acting up so he recruited another guide to drive while he spoke.

We were probably about 5 minutes in when Cash let out a big whinny. Cash let out a second whinny when we were at the stop sign of I believe Queen and Meeting (not 100% sure of location). As we turned left onto Meeting that’s when things went downhill. Cash fell on his front legs then popped back up. Our drivers pulled over and called someone to come look at Cash’s legs.

Cash didn’t want to wait and was doing his own thing. He was not listening to the drivers and attempted to turn the carriage around. The lead guide advised the other guide to hop off the carriage and grab Cash’s lead. However, the guide had some physical challenges doing so and it took her a couple minutes to get down. Cash was causing the carriage to jackknife. The rear passengers said the carriage was starting to tip over and everyone jumped off for safety.

The guide asked if everyone was ok. Nobody was hurt (except Cash obviously).

A manager showed up and immediately scolded us passengers for jumping out of the carriage because it was illegal. Another passenger told him that he needed to let his horses rest. The manager then got attitude with the passenger told him he didn’t know anything about horses then quizzed the passenger “if you know so much about horses what is this horse’s name” to which the passenger replied “Cash”. Then the group started walking back to the main building. Once the group started walking back I went to speak to the manager as well. Just wanted to let him know that his guides knew that Cash was acting up before we even started our tour. The manager blew me off and made some smart remark so I knew he didn’t care.

When we returned to the office we were just given a refund and sent in our way.

There were several pedestrians filming the incident so I expected it to make the news. I did not take any photos.

The way Old South reacted led me to wonder how often this happens. We just want Old South to be held accountable. Poor Cash gave us several signs he was not happy. The guides knew this before even starting to tour and still pushed him..

They also don’t seem to have any training or protocols for incidents like this. Seems like they just brush it under the rug.

Hopefully this information is helpful to you!


Here’s what CASH and the other carriage horses crying out for help need for YOU to do TODAY.

CALL the Publisher, News Editor and Public Service Editor of the local  Charleston newspaper (names below). 843-577-7111

WRITE to the Publisher of the Post & Courier. P.J. Browning: [email protected] the News Editor Schuyler Kropf [email protected] and Glenn Smith, Public Service Editor: [email protected]

Suggested wording:

I am disappointed that the Post & Courier has chosen to turn its back on the carriage horse issue in Charleston and does not report on the issue. The temperature that carriage horses are forced to work is the most extreme in the nation. 95 degrees measured FOUR times, FOUR stories above a hotel. Loads of 17 adults per tour hour is approximately 2 ½ TONS, the most passengers in any urban setting. The Industry is allowed to self-regulate in many ways. With over 150+ accidents/incidents since 2016 there is also a dangerous aspect of this tourist attraction that is not reported by your paper. Please report all the news that is worthy in Charleston. The carriage industry in Charleston is a multi-million-dollar tourism industry. Coverage should include accidents, incidents and health issues for passengers, citizens and carriage animals. Thank you.

** Attach a copy of the above passenger account to your email plea.



POST ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. Please reach out to your friends and tell them the plight of these horses. Send your friends and family a copy of the above passenger account.

We must all do our part to help these voiceless animals. They have no one but us to help them. The City doesn’t care and the operators are mostly profit motivated. 

And one more thing…PLEASE DONATE TO HELP US HELP THESE ANIMALS! We buy banners, bumper stickers, we pay for social media exposure. We have no employees so everything goes to tell these horses’ sad stories.